Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Nihar Vasavada's acceptance speech
So, I promised the winner of The Panel the chance to write something on my blog.

Now, for those of you who wonder how I could be friends with someone who writes something like the following, I have only one response:

You just have to know him.

So, here's our gracious winner:

Galileo, Thomas Edison, Orville Redenbacher, Abraham Lincoln; these are all great men who shaped the future of mankind. Now, I am not saying I’m at the same level as these men…I saying I’m a step above, because while these men helped shape the future, I predicted the future, week after week, like a modern day Nostradamus. November 26 2007 is a day that shall go down in whatever the opposite of infamy is. I know many of you are wondering how I became such a master prognosticator; I was guided by a force, like a young jedi knight in training, with Tony Grossi serving as my Yoda. “Predict correctly you will,” I heard a voice say in my head as I chose winner after winner, trampling over the competition. I should take a few moments to thank the people who helped make this happen, but I won’t, because it would take away from my accomplishments. To my noble competitors I offer a sincere apology for humiliating you on such a large stage. I have heard Zach’s blog gets dozens of hits a month, so I can only imagine how downtrodden you must all feel. I hope to accept your congratulations in person some day, perhaps at an awards banquet in my honor. Nothing fancy of course, maybe a 2 or 3 course dinner, followed by a coronation ceremony and presentation of a plaque or giant novelty check. Well, I will conclude this humble acceptance of your praise so you can all spend the proper time to grasp the magnitude of my accomplishments.

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