Sunday, November 25, 2007

Justice for Browns
Before I set aside an hour to write a glowing review of the Browns 27-17 win over the Texans this afternoon, I figured you may be interested in getting Richard Justice's perspective.

Isn't it interesting how perspectives vary? Browns fans are probably thinking the defense played its best game of the season and the offensive line has made it almost impossible for anyone to lay a hand on quarterback Derek Anderson.

Justice, who can be seen frequently on ESPN's Pardon the Interruption, gives the Browns some credit, but his tone is different. To him, it's what the Texans didn't do in Sunday's game.

I'm not saying Browns fans are right or Justice is wrong. But it does display the oddity of sports journalism.

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At 6:42 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

Isn't Richard Justice a Houston writer? If that's the case, I understand why he's writing from a Texans perspective.

Having said that, the Browns did outplay the Texans. They were the better team heading into the game, and it showed.

This is how Browns wins are supposed to work. DA leads the offense on some score drives, zips a few laser shots to Braylon and K2, maybe hits JJ for a big gain, then J-Lew wears the other team's defense down with punishing runs in the second half.

The big surprises were that 1) the Browns won rather convincingly despite the fact that Josh Cribbs didn't have a big game and 2) the defense played tough against a good offense.

The middle of the defense is still kind of like the cream filling in a Twinkie, but the return of D'Qwell Jackson gives the heart of the defense a playmaker. If they could find a middle LB to compliment Jackson, the Browns would be in business. But I don't see that guy on the roster. Andra Davis is mediocre, and his best days might be behind him already. Chaun Thompson is little more than a glorified special teamer.

Shaun Smith is this team's starting nose tackle for the next few years at least. He is that combination of size and speed that the Browns need at that position. Now it's just a matter of finding some competent DE's to put on either side.

I'll make a bold prediction: Eric Wright and Brandon McDonald are going to be the two starting CB's by next season. I am not all that impressed by Leigh Bodden, who misses as many plays as he makes. McDonald has a much higher ceiling than Bodden, to use a Mark Shapiro term.

At 1:27 PM , Blogger Zach said...

Yeah, Justice is from Houston. I should have made that clear. I do find it interesting though how games look different depending on which team you cover.


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