Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tony, Tony, Tony
I love the guys at PTI, but Tony Kornheiser asking Ben Roethlisberger about Tom Brady's greatness was a tad irritating. Can we go five seconds without talking about the Patriots?



At 8:13 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

Consider the source. ESPN has been fawning over Boston for years now. From the ongoing Red Sox lovefest to the greatness of Tom Brady to wondering aloud if this year's Celtics could surpass the 72 wins of the 95-96 Bulls, ESPN is the personal PR machine for Boston sports. They don't even try to be unbiased anymore.

(Kiki Vandeweghe has already proclaimed the Celtics a "great team," which I thought it would take more than 13 games to prove. If KG, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce were playing for the Atlanta Hawks, I somehow don't think they'd be getting the same lips-sutured-to-posterior treatment they're getting from ESPN as Celtics.)

I'm sure ESPN already has Tom Brady's Canton bust cast and placed on an altar in their newsroom, surrounded by votive candles, awaiting transport to Canton in a limo upon Brady's first-ballot unanimous Hall of Fame induction.


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