Friday, December 14, 2007

A letter to Roger Clemens
Sorry, Roger, but Rusty Hardin telling me how upset you are isn't going to make me believe you didn't do it.

Where are you, anyway? Your reputation, all 20-plus years of it is on the line. And the best you can do is send your lawyer out in front of the cameras?

I'm sorry for not buying it. I really am. I didn't want to believe Barry Bonds cheated either. But the evidence is just too strong.

And what makes you think we weren't suspicious? Some of your greatest seasons came when you were pushing and past 40.

You think we shouldn't take Brian McNamee's word? Well, sorry, but who else would have information on you? He was your strength coach after all. And I think we're all past the point where we can expect the giants of our society to finger cheaters. By your lawyer's logic, every criminal ever convicted on testimony from an associate should be set free based on unreliability.

The point is, today, your lawyer made you sound like everyone else who gets caught. Everyone has a story, everyone has a reason for doubt.

Do you really believe Sen. George Mitchell was out to get you? That he'd include your name if he was the slightest bit concerned he was wrong?

Roger, you signed a pro-rated contract that made you one of the highest paid pitchers in the game when you were 45.

There was strong evidence then, though very few people came out and said it.

If this isn't true, scream from the mountains. Send your lawyer to sue someone. Your career and legacy are on the line.

Right now though, I think you're just as questionable as everyone else.



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