Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Andy Barch Interview
My friend and NFL expert Andy Barch joins me for a few minutes.

Z: So Andy... Browns or Bills?

AB: Browns, I agree with your comments on your blog, I dont think the Bills have the talent the Browns have, and the Browns have developed that winning mentality.

Z: I have to tell you, I'm disappointed in Bobby Petrino

AB: Aren't we all?

Z: Won't this hurt him from a character standpoint?

AB: Absolutely. Pat Forde's article today talked about Petrino's incredibly dishonest and unloyal background. I dont see how you could trust a guy like that, I really dont. If he came into your home to recruit your kid, could you honestly trust him? Not to mention, he quit. He absolutely quit on that team, who's to say he won't do that again?

Z: Who wants that Atlanta job anyway

AB: Right now? Nobody, why would you? The only benefit matter who comes in, they cant do much worse, the expectations are so incredibly low right now

Z: It reminds me of Butch Davis.

AB: Great analogy. When he inherited the Browns, he made them better, only because they couldn't have gotten any worse.

Z: One guy who I think is a great coach, but I wonder about his security, John Fox.
Bill Cowher could be looming there.

AB: Yes......I dont know if Carolina is willing to shell out the money other teams are to get Cowher out of retirement, but Carolina is obviously a place Cowher wouldn't mind going.......back to Fox though. I've always thought Fox was a great coach. Every year, he's had a ton of injuries defensively, and this year, he's had to rely on the worst No. 1 overall pick in years, and a 45-year old QB who has shown his age. Now is not the year to turn your back on Mr. Fox, I think he'll get this team going in the right direction eventually.

Z: I agree. Let me ask you about Philadelphia. McNabb might be out there. Do you think that's a good move?

AB: for McNabb, yes, for the Eagles....I dont know. It was a happy marriage for a while, but it just seems like he's been underappreciated by the media and the fans. I think he's a great fit in Chicago, where he's from, and the second year after tearing an ACL is usually way more productive than the first. He's a lot better than what the Bears currently have.

Z: Is it just me, or are the Patriots the most unlikable football team since the 1990s Cowboys?

AB: Absolutely. These guys are looked at like Saints, when they are much dirtier than you think. Rodney harrison barking at Brian Billick was every bit as classless as his head coach who shows absolutely no class when he confronts a coach from an opposing team. Not to mention, we praise Tom Brady like he's the greatest thing since sliced is a guy who's violated at least one of the 10 commandments, yet we act as if he's a golden boy. Its crap. They are very unlikeable outside the Northeast.

Z: Can they be stopped?

AB: Absolutely they can. I'm not one of those guys who looks at this team and says "nobody can beat them, they're far and away superior to the competition" they caught every break in the book on their final drive to avoid beating a then 4-7 ravens team, they beat an extremely beat up Colts team that was missing a very good linebacker, a starting left tackle and a hall of fame wide receiver, and they came awfully close to choking against the Eagles.....I think a team that can run the ball effectively like the Jaguars can beat them in January. I say that because when the weather becomes unbearable, and you cannot go to the air 900 times a game, you have to run it, and I dont think the Pats can run the ball to win games, especially in the playoffs. If they get a team like Jacksonville who can run it all day on them, and stop the run, they can be stopped.
Z: What the heck happened to the Jets this year?

AB: I think they overachieved last year and the bar was so incredibly high. They have some problems on their offensive line, they dont know if they want to hang on to Pennington or if Clemens is really their guy for the future and on defense, they've endured a lot of injuries that have kind of gone unnoticed.



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