Friday, September 14, 2007

Message for Cleveland sports fans
To Indians fans: The season's not over yet. There are 16 games left and the Indians are up in the AL Central by 5 1/2. Do the math. It's not over.

To Browns fans: The season's not over yet. The game against Pittsburgh seems to have sapped any optimism from the media. But we're Browns fans; we've been here before. To be a Browns fan is to be optimistic. If we weren't we'd have stopped watching years ago. There's no reason to cash in the season after one week.

To Buckeyes fans: Stop stressing because your team only scored 20 against Akron. You should know by now that Jim Tressel's teams don't blow opponents out, but they do usually beat them.

To Cavs fans: Enjoy the offseason, because the exhibition season goes until April.

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At 9:22 AM , Blogger Joel said...

You know I dislike OSU. ... But they were darn impressive in that second half Saturday. ... In a hell of a tough place to play, to boot.

I read in the PD that Wells was very disappointed with himself through two games. He looks like the real freaking deal, doesn't he?


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