Sunday, September 09, 2007

Steelers 34, Browns 7
This was just awful, made worse by the optimism which seemed to engulf the region over the past few days.

The Steelers, as they usually do, kicked the Browns all over the field. And again, they were laughing by the end.

This may have been Charlie Frye's final NFL start. Frye looked overmatched physically and mentally by Pittsburgh. He was pulled some 23 minutes into the first game of the season, a feat not even Ty Detmer can claim.

And yet, it seemed like coach Romeo Crennel waited forever to pull the plug on Frye, a signal of just how bad the Willard product was.

I give Crennel credit for not going with Brady Quinn in the first game, and I think there is some value in holding off on the rookie.

But after the Browns are demolished next week -- which they will be -- I'd think seriously about going with Quinn against Oakland.

Yes, the team owes things to its future, and things to Quinn himself. But it also owes things to the other 52 guys on the roster. The Browns owe it to their receivers, and to the fans to put their best quarterback out there.

I don't want to rush Quinn; I don't want another Tim Couch situation. But Romeo Crennel's job is to win. And I've lost all confidence in Frye's ability to do it.

- Did anyone else see Kellen Winslow talking to Lawrence Vickers after the the back's touchdown catch? Vickers was dancing, and Winslow seemed to tell him to cool it.

At least that was my first thought. After watching the replay, I (and everyone else I was watching the game with) concluded Winslow may have been scolding Vickers for stepping in front of a pass that was likely intended for the tight end. Personally, I'm in no mood to criticize Winslow for anything, since his play was the only thing that could even qualify as a bright spot Sunday.

- I really think Hines Ward should be fined for his cheap shot on Daven Holly, which resulted in the latter's injury. I'm equally disappointed in CBS's Rich Gannon, who seemed to condone the meaningless hit, saying Ward is a guy who plays "through the whistle."

I just hope the Browns remember that play. I also hope that by the time the teams meet again this season, the Browns will be in a better position to respond.



At 5:26 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

I will continue in my tireless effort to disspell the notion that "rushing" Brady Quinn will turn him into another Tim Couch.

The situation Quinn is in is nothing like the situation Couch was in eight years ago.

Couch was starting on an expansion team, behind an offensive line that featured Jim Pyne and Lomas Brown. He had Terry Kirby for a feature back. He had Ty Detmer, a competent veteran, ahead of him on the depth chart.

Quinn has Joe Thomas and Eric Steinbach protecting his blind side. He has Jamal Lewis in the backfield. He has the comically-bad duo of Frye and Anderson ahead of him.

Quinn might make his share of mistakes at the start, and the Browns still probably won't win a lot of games, but I'd be willing to bet that Quinn will move the offense and put points on the board, if for no other reason than he'll see the field and make his throws quickly, allowing the offense to find something of a rhythm.

Quinn won't stand back there and indicisevely pat the ball for 10 seconds the way Frye and Anderson do.


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