Monday, September 03, 2007

The Indians are how many games up?
Heading into tonight's game against the Twins, the Indians have a six game lead on the Tigers in the Central Division.

As person who has been skeptical of this team since day one, there is this sense of confusion I can't get rid of. It's gotten to the point where the Indians will have to really choke to lose this thing. I'm not saying it can't happen, or that part of me isn't expecting it to happen.

But I have to admit: This has been a strange year. The Cavaliers made the NBA Finals. The Browns actually have been making moves that are logical. So anything can happen. Except for the Browns making the playoffs, of course.



At 7:32 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

You and everyone else has been skeptical of this team. At times, it has been warranted, but sooner or later, Cleveland fans are going to have to come to the realization that the Indians are having a good season, and stubborn negativity isn't going to change that.

Many Cleveland fans will play the "no championships since 1964" card, as if a 43-year title drought is the only justification needed to be as cynical and negative as they want. To me, that's a sad way to be.

Of course, in the statistically-probable event that the Indians don't win the World Series, all those fans will say "I told you so." But guess what? Riding the peaks and valleys along with your team is what it means to be a sports fan. If all you do is wall yourself off from potential disappointment and heartbreak, you're kind of defeating the whole purpose of being a fan.

We all want to win championships, and Cleveland has gone way too long without one. But if winning a title is the line in the sand between happiness and misery for Cleveland fans, it's time to re-evaluate priorities.

Regardless of the outcome, the Indians are going to take us on one heck of a ride in the next two months -- and less than four months after the Cavs did the same.


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