Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Indians Playoff Run
Indians Magic Number to Clinch AL Central: 11
Wednesday's Results: White Sox 7, Indians 4; Tigers 5, Blue Jays 1

Notes: I have been extremely skeptical of the Indians this season, but they keep winning, and with every passing day it looks less and less like there will be a nail-biting conclusion.

The Tigers picked up a game Wednesday, but they seem resigned to the Wild Card race (even their own website used a headline about "keeping pace" with the Yankees.

So even after the Indians loss today, there's not too much cause for concern. Asdrubal Cabrera looks more and more like a star every day, the pitching has been solid, and the offense is showing signs of life.

Still, the division has not been clinched. So why Eric Wedge rested Travis Hafner (who's a DH. What does he need aa day off for?) and Jhonny Peralta is anyone's guess.

But really, that's nitpicking. The Indians went 7-3 on a diffucult road trip. Can't complain. Too much.



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