Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shaq in Cleveland
Sometime in the mid 1990s, when Shaquille O'Neal was ripping up the league, I could only watch, never once thinking the big-market man would find his way to the lakefront.

LeBron James has destroyed the rules, and made it possible for a guy like Shaq to come to Cleveland.

Shaq is older, but he's still capable of greatness. He averaged about 18 points last season and played more than 70 games. The Cavs need someone who can take command of the attention, someone who can make make LeBron a large piece of the the puzzle, not the whole thing.

Shaq will be motivated. He wants one more title and a new contract. If he does what he can, he can get both.



At 7:30 AM , Blogger Mike said...

I sure hope he has just one year left in him.

I agree, I never thought in a million years that the big man would be in Cleveland.

At 11:11 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

Shaq seems to think he has three years left in him.

The question is, will Shaq be the guy that can prevent LeBron from dribbling down the shot clock up top?

I've long maintained that if LeBron is hellbent on stalling the offense with a lot of standing and dribbling, it doesn't matter if the '86 Celtics are his teammates. Their effect on the game will be neutralized.

My hope is that Shaq is one of the few guys in the league who can kind of bend LeBron to his will. If LeBron is killing the offense, Shaq will have to be the one to tell him, "Quit this standing and dribbling crap, give me the ball on the block."

If everyone is going to stand around and not run plays, I'd rather have them stand around and watch Shaq go to work on the block than stand around and watch LeBron dribble up top.


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