Sunday, March 02, 2008

I was going to write a one-act play in which I return to my apartment at 3 a.m. on a Saturday night, only to be confronted by this blog.

Vitamin Z would be wondering why I have been spending so much time at work, and fearing that I am cheating on it with my work blog.

But if I went any further, it'd just get creepy.

This week's work blogs have primarily been about the team I have covered for three years, and the frustration of not getting to cover it when it really does something special. I'm sure every journalist can relate to this emotion.

There's no tying in baseball.

Mike Hargrove: We played for 19 innings on our home opener in Cleveland Stadium in 1992. And that was when I knew we were gonna be horrible, and the stadium was falling apart and it was cold outside. But did we tie?

Eric Wedge: (Crying) No ... no.

Mike Hargrove: And you know why?

Wedge: No ... no.

Hargrove: Because there is no tying in baseball. There is no tying in baseball!


I will be presenting an award at The Piggies next week. Seriously, where is Pigskin Podcast getting those guests from?

They've been at it a few weeks and they get Paul Keels? I've been doing this four years and the best I can do is get my brother to cover for me when I go to Los Angeles.

The Browns brought back Derek Anderson. You just can't get rid of a 24-year old who threw 29 touchdowns. As for the other moves:

Love it.

Love it.

Will wait and see.

Now let's check out what my friends are saying:

Hammond is going back and forth about the genius of Phil Savage.

Erik is digesting the Quinn-Anderson situation.

Suss wrote about the chance of a BG upset of the nationally-ranked Kent State men, which as it turned out happened.

Beh. I can't keep up this pace. Good night.

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