Thursday, February 21, 2008

This is why we love the Browns. If someone performs, the team just casually brings the player back.

Not once did Phil Savage talk to the media about "the realities of this market." Instead, he signed the man who rushed for more than 1,300 yards.

Now, I realize that their are major economic differences between football and the other sports. The Indians simply can't act like the Browns do. Beyond that, the Indians have been the best run franchise in this city, considering their restraints.

But sometimes it's nice to know Cleveland can be a big shot, at least in one sport.

This, to me, was the most important player for the Browns to bring back. Yes, he's banged up, yes, he'll be 29 next year in a league where backs generally don't last that long.

But if Derek Anderson's physical game led the Browns' revival, then it was Lewis' mental game that cemented it. His leadership in the locker room was a major reason the offense clicked the way it did. For that reason alone, the Browns needed to bring him back.

But the guy can still play. And if he can do anything close to what he did in 2007, it will be money well spent.



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