Sunday, March 02, 2008

Andy Barch Interview

Another interview with Pigskin Podcast's Andy Barch:

Z: First off, what's going on with Randy Moss?

AB: That's a great question. I'm shocked that he's actually called Daunte Culpepper. to try and ignite the fire for a reunion, has he seen D.C. the last few years? The guy couldnt take the starting job from Josh McCown in Oakland last year, yet Moss still wants the two to hook up again? I'm more amazed that New England didn't slap the franchise tag on him. What the hell are they thinking? The guy caught nearly half Brady's TD passes last year, and a lot of the ones he didn't catch, were a product of his influence early on by drawing double teams and occupying space/attention. Brady will throw no more than 25 tds next year if they dont have Moss. The Pats know that, therefore, I can't see him leaving New England.

Z: Is there at all a sense in New England that he isn't worth it?

AB: There can't be, there simply can't be. They've lost Stallworth, they cannot afford to lose Moss also. Wes Welker is a good receiver, but he had a great season because of Moss. if Welker is all they have next season, that passing game is really going to suffer. I cant imagine them losing Moss and Samuel this offseason. He caught 22 tds, thats un-friggin real, that franchise (as much as I hate them) is too smart to think he's not worth it

Z: Best free agent signing?

AB: Alan Faneca going to the Jets was huge, they were a mess in the trenches last year. I don't know how many great years he has left, but that will help them in the running game, and give them some kind of identity on offense........two other biggies come to mind: Alge Crumpler going to the Titans was huge because it gives Vince Young a big target and a great checkdown option. Asante Samuel going to the Eagles gives them more depth in that secondary, and its a position that certainly needs some help.

Z: What has been the biggest surprise though
AB: The Bears have been surprising because they re-signed Grossman, they also re-signed Lance Briggs after I thought he was out for sure. The Jaguars have been VERY surprisingly active by getting Jerry Porter (who could be a big time fantasy sleeper next year) and getting Drayton Florence who could be a HUGE help to their secondary. Cincinnati's inactivity has also been surprising.

Z: One last question: What's up with the Raiders and Lane Kiffin?

AB: You'd think a franchise like the Raiders, which has such a rich, historic and barbaric tradition would get tired of being the laughing stock of the NFL. These guys go through coaches as often as Britney Spears goes through the drive through.

Al Davis has officially lost his mind, why in the world he thinks a coach like Kiffin can instantly change a franchise that's been in shambles for the last five years, in just a years time is beyond me.

Somebody needs to tell Al that its time to step aside before Raider nation revolts.

If they haven't gotten rid of Kiffin by now, its not going to happen. If you really want a guy out, you dont write up a letter of resignation, you fire him. It's March 3, you can't fire a guy this deep into the off season. It's hard enough to get guys to play in the black hole as it is, if you start another head coaching search at this stage, you will make it IMPOSSIBLE to land any free agents. Whomever they draft first will make JaMarcus Russell's holdout from '07 seem like a routine trip to the quicki-mart.



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