Thursday, December 27, 2007

Andy Barch Interview
As usual at this time of the week, I sit down with friend and NFL expert Andy Barch. This week, we talk about the Giants and the Patriots, as well as the playoff picture.

Z: Giants-Patriots on Saturday. Can the Giants do it?

AB: Absolutely, if they play their starters, they have the athleticism and speed off the edge to put pressure on Tom Brady and get him to throw the ball quickly.

On offense, they have done a nice job with their running back by committee system which will assure them a fresh back will be in the game at all times.

It sure looks like both teams will be playing their starters, so it will be interesting. I'd still pick the Patriots, but I believe the Giants can do it.

Z: The Giants are awful at home, though. Why is that?

AB: That's a great question, I think their fans are worse on them than a lot of the road crowds can be. There is always that pressure to win in New York. Going into this season, everyone thought Coughlin's job was on the line, they didn't, an still don't have much faith in Eli Manning, I think the fans there were surprised during the season when this team went on a nice little run, then they started to fall apart down the stretch a little, and people went back to the "Same old Giants" mentality. The people there don't like Coughlin, they expect the world from Eli, and when you play at home, you don't expect the crowd to hate you, but when you play on the road, you come to expect that, maybe that's why. Other than that, I have no idea.

Z: Who gets the last spot in the NFC?

AB: It's hard to imagine Washington losing to Dallas, when Dallas has nothing to play for. I picked Minnesota to win that division, and I was way off on that, but I still think this is a playoff team. Denver is absolutely awful, so I can see Minnesota going in there and beating them, but I don't really see any of the Cowboys' starters playing more than a half since everything is all wrapped up. I'll go Washington.

However...........I think the Vikings are MUCH MUCH more dangerous if they make it.

zachb80: Do you see the same scenerio between the Colts and Titans?

AB: Unfortunately, yes. On one hand, you can't turn it on, and turn it off in this game as Ditka always says. Not to mention, if these guys only play a quarter or a half, they won't play another meaningful game until........well, the weekend of January 13th. I think they should play their guys for at least a half. Tony Dungy in the past has rested his starters in games like this. As banged up as they've been this year, I'd be shocked if he handles it any different.

Z: Still, thet Titans didn't exactly set the world on fire against the Jets last week.

AB: They didn't, and much has been made of Indy's depth on defense. If they're going to win, they'll have to find a way to stop LenWHALE white, if you stop Tennessee's running game, you stop their offense. Vince Young has looked less than average this year. I think the Colts can win with their backup defense, I don't know about their second team offense.



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