Monday, August 20, 2007

Come all without
It's amazing to me, after so much failure and heartbreak, that the fans of the Cleveland Browns can be so optimistic.

After Saturday's preseason game against the Lions, the high energy shown by the fans over Brady Quinn's performance was ... well, actually, expected. This is, after all, a city whose primary newspaper ran a photo of quarterback Spergon Wynn as its main art during an Indians' playoff race.

But Cleveland needs something to be excited about, and lord knows Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson won't provide it. And Quinn's numbers in the fourth quarter were downright scary. Not quite as scary as the Browns in the red zone in the first quarter of Saturday's game, but scary.

He made 13 receptions for 155 yards with two touchdowns. That's great. But it was against the third string defense, and many of the receptions were screens against a prevent defense.

So am I ready to hand the reigns to Quinn?


But here's the question: Am I ready to say, conclusively, that Frye and Anderson will be better right now that Quinn?

No again.

Romeo Crennel has a problem. He needs to win now to save his job, but he also needs to protect the franchise quarterback. The one bright light is that the Browns offensive line could be its best in years, and the team appears to have a dominant rusher in Jamal Lewis.

But just as in every Browns preseason, we have far more questions than answers.



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