Saturday, August 18, 2007

So, apparently, Indians manager Eric Wedge is scapegoating second baseman Josh Barfield for the Indians offensive struggles.

There's reason to believe had the point in the season been different, Barfield would have been sent to Buffalo.

Boy, Wedge sure knows how to motivate his players, huh?

You know, I remember another second baseman Wedge couldn't get to play well. They traded him (sort of) to Cincinnati. Whatever happened to Brandon Phillips?

Just use that name as a counterpoint when someone tries to tell you how great Wedge is at getting the most out of his players.



At 8:01 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

I wouldn't call it scapegoating. Barfield is quite simply the most disappointing bat on the Indians roster right now. I think I saw a stat that says he has the second-worst on-base percentage in the majors among hitters with enough at-bats to officially qualify.

Giving Barfield at-bats right now is basically the equivalent of giving away three or four outs per game. His hitting approach stinks, and he needs a mental "CTRL-ALT-Delete."

I can't say much more about the rest of the offense, but I really want to see what Asdrubal Cabrera can do. So far, early returns have been decent.

I still think that in the coming years, you're going to see a middle infield of Cabrera and Barfield with Peralta at third. Gotta love that defense up the middle, but again with the hitting.

Why are all these hitters being allowed to twist in the wind like this? Why aren't they playing with any level of urgency in late August?

This team either isn't being led properly, or isn't being led at all.


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