Friday, May 13, 2005

Bill Maher show
Gore Vidal is a great writer. He's also an elitist and an idiot.
"We were not meant to be an empire, we were meant to be a republic," he says to Bill Maher.
That sounds great, except it pretty much makes a mockery of the Marshall Plan. I would argue that worked. Gore's philosophy is to simplify and simplify. Keep saying it and people will believe it.
That's, of course, what he criticizes Bush for.
Vidal doesn't seem to say much, just one zinger after another, usually mocking the President and all the right.
I'm not crazy about the far right either. But fools like this make it hard for me not to defend them.
Republicans are the "party of masochism," Vidal stammers.
Why? Maher asks.
"You ask them, I don't know," Vidal said.
My grandmother and grandfather, my aunt and a lot of great people I know, were Republicans. I am a Republican. You may have problems with the government, Gore, but to bring every Republican into it shows the same ignorance that you campaign against.
Maher, of course, said nothing and laughed.
They say they want America back, but people like this never had it to begin with.
People wonder why the right has been winning in elections. It's because dillusional men like Vidal are treated like folk heroes and never have to back a statement like that up.
Can you imagine how Maher would jump on Bill O'Reilly (another man I can't stand) if he said that about Democrats?
Maher, Vidal and Al Franken made for a fun panel.
Maher claims to love America, but all he does is mock people who disagree with him. Want proof? How about the travel posters he brought out.
"Come to Alabama where everyone's a winner," he said with a snarl. "We can't break a $20 anyway."
Get it? People from the red states are STUPID! HAW HAW HAW.
Jeff Foxworthy can make those jokes, because he's from there.I wonder at times if Maher ever leaves LA.
Bill tops himself with a joke about Ronald Reagan being gay, which even shocked the far left crowd.
"Go F*** yourself,an obvious joke," Maher said.
I hope HBO leaves the show on, so people can see what certain people believe.
I know this doesn't represent the left or even much of it. But watching Maher tonight was an eye-opener.

I know I'm ranting. I know many of you will disagree. But at some point, I have to say something.


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