Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Indians won last night with starting pitching. It's times like this that one begins to wonder what the Indians would be like with a competent offense.
With each passing day, week and month, it becomes apparent that Juan Gonzalez is never going to come back, and thus, never help the offense. Mark Shapiro has been upfront in saying that help is not coming. It's win or lose with the 11 guys he has had in the lineup so far.
You have to admire the Tribe GM's honesty and accountibility. But in the end, the Indians will need at least one more bat. Can they find Mark Whiten in Mexico, like they did seven years ago? Maybe trade for Julio Franco?
Anyway, game two against the Anaheim/Los Angeles/Market Capitalization Angels is tonight. A win tonight assures a winning road trip. Wild.


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