Sunday, May 08, 2005

You ain't goin nowhere
The Indians lost again today, held to one two runs. At one point in today's game, Aaron Boone was hitting .118, while Casey Blake was at .207.
Offense was not a problem for most of last season, while the bullpen was. That's why the Tribe dealt Matt Lawton to the Pirates for Arthur Rhodes.
Lawton is doing what he does: Hit for average, but get on base anyway he can. Yet Pittsburgh is where it has been since 1993 -- the middle of nowhere.
Arthur Rhodes has been outstanding, as has most of the bullpen.
But the Indians don't have a leadoff hitter, something that Lawton was. When we say "don't have a leadoff hitter," it doesn't mean mediocrity. It means the Indians would save everyone a lot of time and trouble if they just surrendered the outs -- it'd be as effective.
You have to assume that Boone and Blake will pick it up at some point. But who will set the table? At this point, they may as well try Travis Hafner in the leadoff spot --at least he gets on base.
Note: That was a joke.


At 8:23 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

I am presently thinking about starting a daily voodoo maloikey hex ritual on the Nationals and Astros, so maybe they'll tank and be willing to deal Brad Wilkerson or Craig Biggio if the Indians come knocking. The Indians need a leadoff hitter like a starving dog needs a steak.
The trouble is, the only players the Indians have that could pry a Wilkerson loose would be their relievers, which would put the bullpen back on quicksand like last year. It's like the Indians can't have a good offense and good bullpen at the same time.


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