Wednesday, May 04, 2005

So, Jack saves her, her father, stopped a nuclear disaster, prevented millions of deaths ... and Audrey's STILL mad at him because he happened to let her estranged husband die.
Something tells me that relationship can't be repaired.
Other 24 thoughts:
-Does David Palmer live down the street from the White House? How did he get there so fast?
- What party is Mike Novick associated with?
-Another strong episode, though I am not really sure why we need the Chinese angle with three episodes left. I mean, Jack already has to worry about terrorists, his girlfriend hating him for killing her husband, and an unquestioned level of incompetence above him. Leave the poor man alone.


At 8:29 AM , Anonymous Mel Kiper said...

Because you are a good writer and a good journalist, I know you are waiting till all the facts get in to make your points.
But me thinks you've been holding out on us and not given your opinion about the Mutha F****n Soldja Kellen Winslow.

From Today's USA TODAY:

"The primary problem, sources said, are potentially significant
injuries to the right knee and right shoulder -- with the club unable
to determine the extent of damage to either until swelling subsides.

The swelling in the knee was considerable, sources said, with the
Browns fearful Winslow may have torn his anterior cruciate ligament.
The club also suspects Winslow may have suffered ligament or tendon
damage to his shoulder, sources said.

In addition, sources said the Browns believe Winslow may have suffered
a punctured lung and an injury to his kidney, but that neither had the
club overly concerned. A source close to the club said the kidney was bruised.

Is this a matter of poor background checking on the part of the browns or what? I mean, to not be able to use a first round draft pick till year 3 is terrible.


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