Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The media love fest with Obama, and Democrats in general
Barack Obama probably will be the next president of the United States. Even if, as recent polls suggest, McCain is holding close, it's quite difficult for a candidate to win an election when a president of the same party has an approval rating less than 30 percent.

I say "probably" because I am not a political scientist, nor am I any good at predicting races. But if Obama does win, it will be a strange four years of coverage.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews seems to have a man-crush on Barack Obama. Think Michael Scott-Ryan Howard (The Office) man-crush.

The three networks sent their main anchors overseas to follow around the senator, while McCain gets nowhere near that type of following.

Chris Matthews once talked about a "thrill running up my leg" after an Obama speech.

Late night talk show hosts like Conan O'Brien and David Letterman (who looks and sounds more and more like a comic version of Noam Chomsky these days) don't touch Obama, instead cracking McCain over his age.

Letterman ought to ease up on the age jokes. Those in glass houses ...

Chris Matthews once said an Obama speech made him cry.

Of course, Fox News gets a pass, because it's generally considered in the tank for the Republicans, whether it is or not. I don't watch Fox News much because I think it sensationalizes too much, but the criticism of it being too far the right is unfair.

Is FNC right of center? Yes.

Is anyone on FNC more over the top in one direction as CNN's Jack Cafferty or MSNBC's Keith Olbermann?

Chris Matthews once said Barack Obama "had all the answers" and his message was like "The New Testament."

Of course, many in the media are not so much into Obama as they are into Democrats. A story broke earlier this week about John Edwards being involved in an affair. It was reported by The National Enquirer, so there was plenty of reason to not report on it.

But as more evidence has emerged, the press is still -- for the most part -- keeping quiet.

I am all for this attitude, since I view Mr. Edwards' personal life as his and his family's business. But I also want that standard applied to all.

Do you think the media would be so quiet if it was a Republican caught at a hotel? Ask John McCain and the New York Times about that. It was of course the Times who ran a huge story about something it didn't prove, just so it could damage the Republican nominee.

Chris Matthews once said Obama is a "like a gift from the world to us."

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At 5:23 AM , Anonymous mitchell Blatt, jsb said...

Good post. Media right now is in a shake up with the internet coming and hurting newspapers, but Chris Matthews is doing more to destroy journalism than the internet ever did.

At 5:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listening to Chris Matthews, unless portrayed by Darrell Hammond, is your first mistake!


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