Sunday, July 06, 2008

Lee, Sizemore make all-star team
Cliff Lee was an obvious selection, and probably should start the game for the American League.

As for Sizemore, he was far from certain until his recent power surge. His average is around .270, but his league leading 22 homers put him over the top. It's his third straight all-star game.

Still, of all the picks, one stands out. Boston's Jason Veritek was selected as a reserve catcher.
A few things here:

1). The Red Sox already have five all-stars, so it's not like champions needed a representative.

2.)Varitek is hitting .219 with seven homers. For God's sake, the Indians' Kelly Shoppach is doing better than that. I can only assume this was a selection of Red Sox manager Terry Francona, who was able to choose some reserves because his team reached the series. Which leads us to ...

3). The Red Sox are evil and we should all hope they never get to the World Series again.

Apparently Veritek was a players' selection, which proves that sometimes, players know about as much about picking all-stars as the general public. That is to say, they don't know much.

Still, apologies to Francona.



At 2:14 PM , Anonymous Erik said...

Think the Indians can head into the all star break on a 14-game losing streak? They're more than halfway there, and with six left against the Tigers and Rays, the chances are better than 50 percent.

At that point, you'd think it would be a good time for some serious soul-searching, maybe time to evaluate the direction of the organization, the jobs of Wedge and Shapiro and so forth. But since the Indians already have a plan and know they have the right people to carry out that plan, there is no need for that.

Indians Baseball. Come Experience the Inertia!


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