Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Who is Jeff Harris?
Here's what I know:

Harris is 33. He pitched in as many major league games as I have over the last two seasons, and has appeared in only 14 games in his career, all with Seattle. The guy did not even make the bigs until he was past 30.

He is also, according to ESPN, tonight's Indians starter. Since Aaron Laffey was shelled last night in the team's 13-9 win, my hopes for his success are not that great.

The Rangers are an outstanding hitting club, and the Indians, despite last night's eruption, are not.

Jake Westbrook has joined Fausto Carmona on the disabled list. We may get to see just how much depth the Indians staff has.

Casey Blake had one of his games last night. He has had games in his career (last month's game in Kansas City is an example) where he turns into Rogers Hornsby, and beats the heck out of the ball.

As hard as I have been on Blake in the past, the truth is he's better than anyone else they have right now, save Ben Francisco and maybe Jhonny Peralta. Hopefully he can stay hot for a little while and the Indians can start winning some series.



At 1:44 PM , Blogger Vince said...

I got a release from the Tribe that said Mastny's starting tonight.
I'm not sure if that's better than Harris, who I thought was spent after that game against the Yankees at the end of "Major League."
Oh, and Father's Day is Travis Hafner bat giveaway day. They might as well...not like he's been using it all year.
Thank you, try the veal.

At 5:41 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

Time to start dangling C.C. if they haven't already.

Unfortunately, circumstances are conspiring against the Indians yet again. They're playing in (arguably?) the weakest division in baseball this year, so even if they fall 10 games under .500, they're still going to remain within alleged "striking distance" of first place.

That will probably prod Shapiro to stubbornly hold onto C.C. in the hopes the Tribe can put together an Oakland A's 51-29 kind of second half, storm back and take the division, which, of course, is highly unlikely.

It would be better if the White Sox or Twins would just step up and bury the rest of the division, so even Shapiro and Wedge can see the handwriting on the wall through their rose-colored spin doctor glasses.

Get some top hitting prospects for C.C., or this pathetic parade will repeat itself every year.


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