Sunday, June 01, 2008

Harvey Korman
Several years ago, when I was at Bowling Green, a friend of mine invited me to audition for his theatre group. The fling with acting was short-lived, but did produce one shining memory.

I was asked to recite a monologue. Not being a trained actor with anything prepared, my mind raced back to a scene I had been performing for years to friends at parties.

It was originally performed by Harvey Korman, who played Hedley Lemar in the comedy Blazing Saddles. I think I did OK with the piece, though nothing can compare to the original.

My mother tried to tell me Korman was at his best in sketch comedy on the Carol Burnett Show.

Perhaps. But I can't see how he could top the character in Mel Brooks' masterpiece.

Rest in peace.



At 10:50 AM , Blogger Vince said...

Harvey Korman and I have something in common: Watching Tim Conway could reduce us both to tears from laughing so hard.
Your mother's right.


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