Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rockies chances are Fogg-y at best
Note: This was written and posted on Blogcritics prior to Game 3 of the World Series, but I wasn't able to post it here until after the game concluded. Sadly, I think I hit the nail on the head.

You want to believe in the Colorado Rockies. You want to think they will come back, and if not win the World Series, then at least make it interesting. And let's face it. Only Red Sox fans want to see the World Series end in four or five games.

So the question is: After two games in which the Rockies have scored just two runs, can they find their momentum and come back against a strong Boston pitching staff?

Let's just say the odds are against it.

Game 3 is all but a must-win for Colorado. That's not news, but it's important to note, especially when considering whom the Rockies are sending out as their starting pitcher. Josh Fogg is 30 years old. He has pitched for three teams over his seven-year career. He started 29 games this season, finishing with a respectable 10-9 record. But the right-hander also had a 4.94 earned run average this season. That ERA is remarkably close to his career mark of 4.90.

Bottom line: Fogg is an average to mediocre starting pitcher. He's only had a pair of complete games in his career. Basically, he's far from an ideal choice to start game 3.

What I think this shows is just how remarkably hot the Rockies have been up to this point. They have been able to overcome their flaws and get farther than anyone would have thought. But the hot streak was not going to last forever. Unless the Rockies can find the magic (or their offense) in Denver, there's little reason to believe they can get back in this series.

And that's too bad, because few want to see a route. Hopefully Fogg can shut down David Ortiz (and keep the announcers from calling him "Big Papi.").

If he can, many of us will be happy. And surprised.

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