Thursday, October 25, 2007

World Series: Game 1
It's easy, as an Indians fan, to feel a little bitter about the World Series right now.

The Red Sox beat my favorite team, and honestly, deserved to beat my favorite team. Because Cleveland got so close to the World Series, there is a temptation to ignore the Fall Classic, and focus on football and whatever else.

But if you love baseball, that's not an option. No matter what teams play, no matter how annoyed you get when national announcers use the name "Big Papi," and no matter how much you hate the idea of Red Sox Nation, baseball is still baseball.

It is the best sport in the world, and the World Series is the last chance to watch it until March. Besides, I thought, this could be a fun series to watch.

Then the game started.

- Josh Beckett is on some kind of run. He struck out the first four batters he saw, then went to the dugout and watched leadoff hitter Dustin Pedroia lift a home run off starter Jeff Francis.

From there, the Red Sox took off, scoring four runs in the first inning. There really is no need to go through the scoring because the game was over after the first inning.

Beckett again will get the praise, because he gave up just one run in seven innings and struck out nine, two more batters than the Rockies' Franklin Morales gave up runs. Don't look for him anytime soon.

- How uninspiring was this game? It got so bad that Joe Buck and Tim McCarver were talking about Van Halen during the ninth inning. They even managed to get in a dig on Sammy Hagar, a man who has rocked more in one night than McCarver and Buck have in their lives.

It was pointless, but it was better than hearing McCarver and Buck talk about what a great play Manny Ramirez made in Game 7 of the ALCS. The one where Ramirez threw out Kenny Lofton at second base. Yet they never mention that Lofton was safe and the umpire blew the call. (Sorry. Sour grapes.)

- People will talk about the Rockies' layoff, but no one has beaten Beckett in the postseason. Some will probably argue the Rockies are overmatched, but Colorado just had a 10-game winning streak snapped. And no matter how lopsided, it was just one game.

I still think Colorado can come back and win this series. But it starts with the starting pitcher. Ubaldo Jimenez starts tomorrow. He can hit 100 on the radar gun, but as C.C. Sabathia and Fausto Carmona can tell you, speed means nothing without control.

Curt Schilling goes for Boston. He was just there in Game 6 of the ALCS. Carmona and the Boston hitters did all the work.

If Jimenez keeps it close, the Rockies hitters should get to Schilling.

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