Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh, right, Indians
As a season-long skeptic of this particular version of the Indians, it's been strange to see them do what great teams do: Get hot at the right time and coast into the playoffs.

The Indians sure seemed inconsistent to me until August, but the fact is they were better than I thought. Yet even at its worst, this team was dangerous, or rather, would be dangerous, in the postseason.

And here's the scary part.

I loved the 1995 Indians; was practically obsessed with the 1997 version, and was crazy about all the teams up until 2001.

It took me a really long time to warm up to this organization. Up until the Tigers' series last week, I was convinced the team would find a way to choke, like it did in 2005.

But Eric Wedge did a great job this year. He stuck with Casey Blake, took Trot Nixon out, and gave time to Rafael Perez and Jensen Lewis.

He finally ditched the dead weight named Mike Rouse, and brought in the much better Chris Gomez.

Wedge (and GM Mark Shapiro) also didn't simply accept that the "team is fine the way it is." The Indians brought in Kenny Lofton and demoted Cliff Lee when he didn't get results.

Here's the scary part: Part 2.

This team is better equipped for the playoffs than any of the Tribe's squads of the last decade.

C.C. Sabathia and Fausto Carmona (who did not implode in the second half like ESPN expert/pompous ass Skip Bayless predicted)are legit Cy Young candidates, and the bullpen is strong. The only chink in the armour of the pitching staff is closer Joe Borowski, who has more than 40 saves.

Put it this way: This version of the Indians has the best chance -- on paper, to win the World Series.

Which means ... nothing. The Indians could just as easily go into a patented cold streak, and the season could be over four days after it begins.

But those concerns are for later. Go Indians.



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