Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Great Baseball Quotes
"We got beat in the four games played,' Damon said. "Overall, are they the better team? I don't know."-- Johnny Damon

Love it. Why do we bother playing the games, again?



At 6:15 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

The Indians had the better pitching. And, as Joe Torre will tell anyone who wants to listen, it's all about the pitching.

After one round, I'd have to say the Indians have the best-organized pitching staff in the playoffs, even if you can argue about actual talent level. Everyone has a role and Wedge lets them do it, even if Joe Borowski gives us night sweats.

The Indians also have two aces, one more than any team remaining. (No, a 40-something Curt Schilling and Dice-K do not count as aces).

If Sabathia and Carmona pitch the rest of the way like they did against the Yankees, the Indians are going to be very tough for any team to beat.

I was utterly nervous heading into the New York series. Now that the Indians have slayed arguably their biggest demon, I'm still a bit nervous facing Boston, but that nervousness is slowly being replaced by a growing sense of confidence. Not arrogance, but confidence in the ability of the Indians as a team.


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